How Do I Deal With Angry People?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HAVE you ever been the target of a bully’s rage? The Bible predicted that people today would be “fierce, without love of goodness.” (2 Timothy 3:3) And while you may have done all you can to avoid “companionship with anyone given to anger  , having fits of rage,” there may be times when you simply cannot escape angry people. (Proverbs 22:24) How should you respond when you find yourself in such a situation?

“He was raging mad. I guess because he saw that I was little, he wanted to beat me up. As I was backing away, I said: ‘Hold on for a second! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Why do you want to beat me up? I haven’t done anything to you. I don’t even know what you are mad about. Can we talk about it? Mark , Thia is a good example on how to deal with angery people. Try this words on any one that is aggresive in a mild way while you try backing out. It works like miracle...smiles.

Responding to Rage

Today many youths might respond by displaying rage of their own. But doing so simply causes more pain. Furthermore, losing your own control would bring you down to the level of the one raging. Proverbs 26:4 says: “Do not answer anyone stupid according to his foolishness, that you yourself also may not become equal to him.” Young Jeremy learned the truth of these words the hard way. He recalls sitting at the lunch table in school: “There was a group of boys that would always make fun of one another and other people. Very often they would talk about me. I generally ignored their talk. However, when one of them started talking about my mother, I lost control and flew at him in a fit of anger.” The result? “He beat me up good,” says Jeremy.

The Bible gives this wise advice: “An answer, when mild, turns away rage, but a word causing pain makes anger to come up.” (Proverbs 15:1) Yes, responding to anger with “a word causing pain” only aggravates the situation. However, a mild reply can often calm things down and defuse a tense situation.

Recall Mark, mentioned at the outset. He was able to talk the bully into explaining why he was angry. It turned out that someone had stolen the bully’s lunch, and he was simply taking out his frustration on the first person who came his way. “Beating me up is not going to replace your lunch,” Mark reasoned. He then suggested that they both go over to the cafeteria. “Since I knew the clerk there,” recalls Mark, “I was able to replace his lunch. He shook my hand, and he was friendly to me after that.” Do you see how powerful mild words can be? As a proverb puts it, “a mild tongue itself can break a bone.”—Proverbs 25:15.

Mildness—Weakness or Strength?

Granted, the idea of having “a mild tongue” may not sound appealing. It may seem more tough or macho to fight anger with anger. You may even fear that if you are mild, others will think you are really weak. But just what does it mean to be mild? According to one reference work, to be mild means to be gentle. However, this same source adds: “Behind the gentleness there is the strength of steel.” Thus, far from being a sign of weakness, mildness can be a sign of strength. How so?

Well, for one thing, a mild-tempered person is in control and is not easily thrown off balance. On the other hand, a person who lacks mildness seems insecure, frustrated, or even desperate. He also lacks self-control. Unable to control his emotions, he is likely to find himself being repeatedly drawn into conflicts. Yes, “as a city broken through, without a wall, is the man that has no restraint for his spirit.” Really, then, it is the mild-tempered person who is strong!

Bible Examples of Mildness

Consider Jesus Christ. He described himself as “mild-tempered and lowly in heart.” (Matthew 11:29) He never became harsh or unreasonable, paying back injury for injury. In fact, the apostle Peter, a personal friend of Jesus’, reported: “When [Jesus] was being reviled, he did not go reviling in return. When he was suffering, he did not go threatening, but kept on committing himself to the one who judges righteously.” (1 Peter 2:23) Remember, though, that this same Jesus “entered into the temple and threw out all those selling and buying.” (Matthew 21:12) And had the need ever arisen for divine backing, Jesus could have called on “more than twelve legions of angels”! (Matthew 26:53) No, he was hardly a weakling.
Consider also the example that Judge Gideon set, as recorded in the Bible at Judges 8:1-3. After a great military victory, some soldiers from the tribe of Ephraim were offended because they felt that they had not been given a chance to share in the glory of battle. “What sort of thing is this that you have done to us in not calling us when you went to fight against Midian?” they challenged. “And they vehemently tried to pick a quarrel with him.” Now Gideon was a “valiant, mighty one.” (Judges 6:12) He could easily have responded to their provocation with violence. Instead, he gave a mild response that totally disarmed those hotheads. “What now have I done in comparison with you?” asked Gideon. The result of this modest response? “Their spirit calmed down toward him.”

Finally, consider the Bible’s account of a woman named Abigail. David was hiding as a fugitive from his enemy Saul, the king of Israel. Though suffering exile, David’s men often guarded and protected their fellow Israelites. One man whom they helped was Abigail’s husband, Nabal, a very wealthy man. However, Nabal was “harsh and bad in his practices.” When David’s men needed provisions, they asked Nabal for some food. Instead of expressing appreciation for the free protection given him by David’s band, Nabal “screamed rebukes” at David’s messengers and sent them away empty-handed.—1 Samuel 25:2-11, 14.

On hearing of this, David became angry and ordered his men: “Gird on every one his sword!” David and his men were on their way to kill Nabal and all the innocent male members of his household when Abigail intervened. She greeted David with a generous gift of food and drink. She apologized for her husband’s inexcusable conduct and begged David to spare innocent lives.—1 Samuel 25:13, 18-31.

Abigail’s humble pleas turned back David’s anger. Indeed, realizing how dangerous his anger had become, David said: “Blessed be Jehovah the God of Israel, who has sent you this day to meet me! And blessed be your sensibleness, and blessed be you who have restrained me this day from entering into bloodguilt and having my own hand come to my salvation.” (1 Samuel 25:32-35) Yes, in many cases ‘an answer when mild’ can turn away the rage of others. However, what if your mild answer does not have that effect?

“Take Your Leave”

You can avoid adding fuel to a raging fire by simply walking away. “Where there is no wood the fire goes out,” the Bible says. It also advises: “Before the quarrel has burst forth, take your leave.”  A popular boy in school came up to me and wanted to talk. He told me that I was pretty.
Before I knew it, his girlfriend came up to me raging mad. She accused me of flirting with her boyfriend and wanted to fight me! I tried to explain what happened, but she wouldn’t listen. After school she returned with some other girls to beat me up! I quickly got the security guard, and I explained to the angry girl that I do not fight and that it was her boyfriend who had come up to me. After that I walked away.” Merissa did not give in to her emotions. She not only walked away from a fight but also took steps to protect herself. As Proverbs 17:27 says, “anyone holding back his sayings is possessed of knowledge, and a man of discernment is cool of spirit.”

"Be Quick To Apologize"

What, though, if you are really to blame for having provoked someone to anger—perhaps unintentionally? Apologize, and do it quickly! This may be all that it takes to turn away the rage of the other person. These are pressure-filled times, and many people are quick-tempered. But if you apply Bible principles in your dealings, you can likely avoid becoming a victim of someone’s rage.
Remember an answer, when mild, turns away rage.

5 Simple Ways To Find A Good Roommate

Sunday, October 4, 2015

WHEN young ones leave home, they are often shocked to find out just how much it costs to live in the ‘real world.’ For many, a way to cope with the high cost of living is to share expenses with one or more roommates.
Room mates

The Danger of Bad Association

Many young adults turn to bulletin boards, classified ads in newspapers, and the Internet to find potential roommates. But for young Christians, such sources have serious pitfalls. They will likely lead to your meeting individuals who do not share your faith, morals, or standards. Is it narrow-minded or antisocial to want to room only with someone of the same faith? No, it is the course of wisdom. The Bible itself warns: “Bad associations spoil useful habits.”—1 Corinthians 15:33.

Finding Suitable Roommates

It is advisable to look for roommates who are morally inclined, who hold moral standard in high esteem. Word of mouth can also be a powerful tool. The more people you let know of your need, the more likely you are to get results. (Ecclesiastes 11:6) Above all, ask Jehovah for help in finding a roommate, and look to him to bless your efforts.

Checking Things Out

Having found a potential roommate, you may be eager to get together soon. But it is wise to do some checking first. Is that person “well reported on by the brothers” in his or her congregation? (Acts 16:1, 2) Perhaps you and your parents can speak directly with spiritually qualified individuals who know him or her. You might ask: ‘What reputation does this one have? Is this person stable emotionally and spiritually? Does he or she share in preaching to others and in commenting at meetings? Is this person known for upright conduct?

Talking Things Out

Next, get together in person and discuss matters. Such conversations can help you determine if your personalities are compatible. Interestingly, a study reported on in the journal Communication Research Reports revealed that roommates who are similar in their communication traits “reported the highest roommate satisfaction and liking.” So if you are the open, sociable, expressive type, you may run into problems rooming with someone who is reserved, quiet, or inclined to be a loner.

Also worthwhile to discuss may be such things as hobbies, preferences, and tastes in music. “I’d like to room with somebody who likes the same kind of things that I do, who has a similar personality, who likes to do the same things,” says Mark. Of course, having different tastes doesn’t necessarily rule out rooming together. The real issue is, How flexible are both of you? Are you willing to tolerate differences and make adjustments to accommodate each other?  You should also ask what the other person expects out of the arrangement.

Decently and by Arrangement

Another helpful principle is found at Luke 14:28, where it says: “Calculate the expense.” Yes, try to figure out what your living expenses will be. How much will have to go for rent? Food? Utilities? Will you share a telephone? If so, how will you split the bill? “I would definitely make sure that a girl can handle her share of the expenses before taking her as a roommate,” says Lynn. The on-line magazine The Next Step rightly observes: “Roommates who don’t kick in for rent or food . . . or incur high utility bills give you stress that no one needs.”

Being careful and prudent increases the likelihood of your finding a roommate who will be a blessing to you and not a source of distress. However, what if problems and personality conflicts develop? A future article will discuss these situations.

What To Do When You Are Angry

Friday, August 28, 2015

I  woke up this morning with a slap on my face  like 3 times, my girl friend woke me up saying who was the girl named push it on my phone, i told her it was a female name, she said you have been seeing that girl again with another slap on my face and was hurting me with her fingers as i had blooding running off my body and face from the flesh peeling. She was crying profusely with tears all over her eyes. She wanted me to beat her so people can see how much have hurt her physically. You know what i did to control my anger? Though i was so angry and threatened to beat her, i mistakenly gave her one slap back . Immediately i knew i was wrong cos it was the first time have ever slapped her. The following were what i did to control my anger.

1. I took a deep breath for about five times:  taking a deep breath help you control your level of consciousnesses.
2. Thought About The Aftereffect: I thought about the after effect of everything, i asked myself questions like what if i hit her and she fall real sick, or we fought and she stabbed me or broke my head as well. 
3. God's view About Fight: I know God will never be happy with me if i had a fight with her, so that helped me control my anger.
4, Emotional Breakdown: She will feel traumatized after the incident  and will be emotionally unstable.
5. Love : I thought about how much  love her and how much she meant to me, I just had to reduce my anger.

Essential Dating Rules You Must follow !!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Confidence can do a lot for a person. 

If you are not confident, what is causing you to have doubts in your self? Do you think you are a failure, unattractive, stupid?  
All of this can be overcome with confidence. Honestly, girls (girls we want to date) don't care a lot about these things. Of course, if you are really over weight and you have bad teeth and you dress like a hobo, change yourself.  
They act like they are good looking and they are rich, they act in ways that make men and women naturally attracted to them.  
A happy go lucky guy who smiles a lot will get x10 the amount of attention as a sad sack sitting in the corner no matter how hot or rich he is.  
Be happy with yourself, but if there is something holding you back from being a more outgoing person, fix it.  
If you have something that bothers you, something like acne or weird mole. You can either realize that it does not bother anyone else or simply fix it. Because if you are self-conscious all the time, you will not act in an attractive way to a woman.  
Those people that do fix their “flaws” notice a big difference, but not in their physical their confidence level.    

Be Calm   

Especially on the first date, be cool. Don't be nervous, don't get all excited and act like a goof.  
Don't act desperate around women, just be yourself and not worry about the outcome, dating should be fun!  

Be Fun!  

Men are so scared to be themselves around women that they act all uptight and nervous and are not sure what to say.  
Don't worry about. Most men by nature are not big mouth arrogant SOB's, so just say what's on your mind.  
Talking about sex and other taboo subjects is FINE. Teasing a girl lightly is fine, as long as it's funny and a little bit cocky.  
Be the fun guy to hang around, make dating fun for you and her.   

Don’t Show your Emotions  

This rule IS SO IMPORTANT when you start dating someone more seriously. I made this mistake a couple of times early on and the relationships ended pretty soon after.   
If a woman says something to you that makes you feel nervous, angry, upset and you feel like you're going to get overly emotional and say something you will regret, FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR SANITY, Don't say anything.  
It's a lot easier to say nothing then it is to take something stupid back. Think before you speak. Women will always do this. Women will blame you for things that are not your fault, things will happen in their lives that make them emotional, you're job is to stay calm.  
I'll give you a personal example. I started dating a girl I REALLY liked, but a couple of weeks into the relationship, she told me she was pregnant and she wasn't sure who the father was, because before she started dating me, she was seeing two other guys.   
I freaked out, and you probably think, well rightly so, and it was probably for the best things ended, 
but, breaking up with someone is better when you're the one breaking up with the girl  
I know this sounds childish, but it's true. It's a mental thing. Being dumped is a horrible feeling and take's longer to get over.   

Be a Man  

Girls like a guy who will lead in the relationship. I don't mean bossy, I mean lead. It's a manly thing to do.  
When a woman asks what you want to do, don't reply back, "I dunno, what do you want to do", take the bull by the horn's and make a decision. I know it's a bit of a pain to be the one who does this all the time, but it really works.  
Also, when women throw things at you that you're not expecting, never over react, I touched on this just before, and I'm going to again.  
If a girl says she's going out with male friends, or seeing an ex boyfriend, don't flip your lid, this is the quickest way to push her away.   
Just say things like, "you do what you wanna do", "it's your life, I'm not your father, have fun". Saying things like this make you sound confident in yourself and don't really care what she does.  
Begging her not to go and doing all sorts of crazy things guys do will push her away for good.  

There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea  

Always keep busy! Never make too much time for a girl when you first start dating. All the other rules will fall into place if you just follow this one.  
I know it can be hard, but just try and resist temptation by keeping yourself busy.  
When you're sitting at home with nothing to do, you will be tempted to want to call any girl you're dating too much and you will become too available.  
If she's says lets make plans for Tuesday, say no you're busy, how about Wednesday.   
Get a hobby, play a sport, go out more with your friends and if you don't have any friends, make some!   
Keep your mind busy and everything else will fall into place because you will be too busy with your life to care what she is doing. She will be just a nice little extra in your life, not your whole life!   

Be Mysterious  

If a girl goes on one or two dates with you and already feels that she knows absolutely everything about you, you are in big trouble. Because there will be nothing else for her to look forward to, nothing else to unravel.  
Again, this goes with keeping busy. Never see a girl more then twice a week for at least the first 10 to 20 dates. Seriously. I know you will want to spend all your time with someone if you think she's the one. But, you need to build the attraction, not force it.  
This way is best for both of you. I feel most guys will settle for a girl because she wants a relationship, even though she might not be the girl for him.  
Take your time, have fun, date multiple women, its ok.  

Let Things Go  

Everyone has a past and most women have done things in the past that you may not like. But the past is the past, you should focus more on the present and future.  
You have to accept people for who they are, if you really like someone, leave the past where it belongs, in the past.  

Don’t Write Desperate Letters  

What is it with guys and writing sappy letters or emails when they feel like they are losing the girl or have lost the girl.  
If a girl breaks up with you, let it go, move on with your life, start dating again and you will find this will bring back love quicker then a sappy email professing your undying love for the girl.  Think before you speak, think before you type!  

Know What You Want Out of Life  

I don't know what it is, but when your talking about something your passionate about, people are naturally attracted to you.  
Passion and desire are always a turn on, even if the passion or desire is about something, not someone.  
Constantly apologizing when you have done nothing wrong is a real turn off for women. So don’t be “sorry” for almost everything you do.  
If you step on a girls shoe, you can say sorry. But saying sorry when you are 5 minutes late is absolutely NOT necessary.   
Women see this as a sign of weakness. If a girl is doing something or saying something you don't like, tell her that. If she's acting bratty, tell her that.  
Don't put up with moody behavior just because she thinks you deserve to be treated that way, you don't.  

Relax on Your first Date  

Act like you would act if you were with your friends. Just because you are with a girl it does not mean you have to try and be what you think she wants you to be. Be your self, that is what she wants you to be.   

Dress Well  

I know that not caring can be a turn on for women, but you should care what you look like. Because looks do count and when you look good and you know you look good, it shows.

7 Rules of Life

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