MY NEW YEAR PRESENT ( The Greatest Insult Anyone Could Ever Get From A Love One )

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It was in the late  hours of 31st night when my girl friend told me she was going to the church on the 31st night of 2014, her church location had changed to a nearby town which was a little far away from where she use to reside. I went through the stress of driving her to the destination even though it was with a lot of traffic on the way. All this to my own discomfort.

She had fun at the church and was heartily saying Amen to all the proclamations of the year 2015, I never went to church but went on my knees and prayed to the God i believed in. I was suppose to go back and pick her up from the church around 3am which i didn't  because i had a flat Tyre but wasn't totally flat but from my estimation the pressure in the Tyre won't be enough driving through and fro that distance.

A day before the 31st night i have promised her about $50 which was what i had for her to celebrate the New year with,  at least watch some cheap movies and have some snacks at the Cinemas.  After so many calls from her which i didn't answer  she asked if i could come pick her up honestly i said No becos the tyre was flat. She called me and said I WILL NEVER SEE ANYTHING GOOD THIS YEAR 2015  and i  should stop calling her. Then she told me to wait for her at the bus-stop and give her the $50 box which i bluntly refused because i was irate, so she walked pass me and went ahead though i was walking towards her trying to make her see her fault; she was walking way to fast. I  was left with no choice than to go drive the car, with the faulty tyre and try to pick her up but she refused and said she can never going to get into the car.

My heart was broken because when i went to drop her first she made declaration of her love to me, while she was coming down from the car. Now she sent me a text saying " U think I will die No, I hate a man that lie but watch me if i ever talk to you again let me die this New Year" .  I am so depressed and it not just good for a new year. That was what i got from my girl friend as a new year present. Please can someone advice me on what to do, am so confused this is the beginning of a new year. 

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