7 Ways To Prepare For Marriage

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Every woman's dream is to get married someday, even the divorced wants to remarry. Despite the number of separation and divorce daily, many are still dreaming of their wedding day. It's beautiful and encouraging but how many of these women and of course men have really taken their time to prepare for MARRIAGE? Do they even realize that marriage is worth preparing for?

Marriage is an institution, yes but unlike other institutions, no one ever graduates. But you can earn your  certificates as the years roll by in many forms- raising wonderful kids is one. In this institution, you are expected to be the lecturer and not the student so ill preparation leads to frustrations, fight, heartbreaks and poverty in many cases.

    Ways To Prepare for Marriage

1) Attend seminars on marital issues, learn from the experienced. You don't have to get burnt to learn. The best way to learn is by observation especially in this case.

2) Invest your time and resources in yourself as a single man/woman. Formal Education is a very good way but to be double-sure, learn a trade, craft, bead making  anything that will boost your income.

3)  Understand that your Love for each other may take a leave sometimes, be prepared to keep the family together until Love gets back.

4) Find someone, do not attempt to change that man/woman into your idea of a spouse. study them. Can you tolerate him/her?

5)  Money Management. This is very very important as the lack of money causes friction in a marriage. Enroll for some causes in finances and better learn how to manage the family income and expenditure.

6) Create a forgiving heart because in Marriage, you'll find many reasons to throw in the towel.

7) When the going gets tough, get tougher. Seek marital therapy not divorce.

Ask all the hard questions before marriage. Know the difference between Marriage & Wedding. Unite your goals and watch them grow in a few years when the time seems right, then settle down.

 If you prepare yourselves adequately before going into marriage, the burden will be minimal and you will experience the Joy of Marital life. You will never have to ask the question  'Are you the woman/man I married?.

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