What Will You Do, If You Were Cheated on?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A man walked up to me, and told me he was planning a marriage ceremony with his soon to become wife, and after spending greater portion of his savings for the marriage, he discovered that his finance  had cheated on him 2 weeks prior to the wedding date, then he looked up the sky and asked the Creator of mankind why such was happening to him,  he quickly called and cancelled the marriage with a vow never to trust any woman in this world.

  Every one invited were forced to ask the parties involve in the marriage what was the  reason for the cancellation, but the man told them to ask the woman, and when she was asked she told every one to help her beg the man, that she just wanted to have to test of another man knowing it was going to be the last time she had another man, so she don't get to cheat when she is married, she was forced to cheat because her husband slept with another woman during their courtship and she understood he was doing it for the last time. Now the whole family is Trying to see how they an help out.

    So please I want everyone that read this to tell me what they will tell the couples if they were to advise them?

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