Teen Pregnancy—A Global Tragedy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mothers Too Soon

My boyfriend was a cute guy. He had money, and we could go places and have fun. When I missed my period, I realized something was wrong. How was I to tell my mom? How could this happen to me? I was only 16 years old, and I didn’t know what to do.”—Mary
TODAY Mary,* in her mid-30’s, is a confident, energetic mother of three. Her oldest child is 20 years of age. Yes, years ago she was one among millions of unmarried pregnant teens. Like other teenage mothers, she found herself lost in a morass of formidable challenges, tough decisions, and uncertain prospects.

Mary does not often talk about the shock, the denial, the fear, the anger, and the despair that marked her late teenage years—a time when her peers worried about their clothes and school grades. Nevertheless, Nicole’s situation was not hopeless. She came from a loving family that had tried to instill high moral principles in her. Although for a while she chose to disregard those principles—and paid the consequences—later on, those same values led her to a productive and meaningful life. “Not all hope is lost” became her motto.
Teen mother envying other young girls

Unfortunately, not every teenage mother has a supportive family—or such an optimistic outlook. Many quickly find themselves trapped in a seemingly hopeless state of poverty. Some must deal with the emotional aftermath of rape and violence.

None of this bodes well for the children of teen mothers. Says the book Teen Moms—The Pain and the Promise, babies of teen mothers “tend to have lower birthweight, more childhood illnesses, more infant mortality, poorer medical care, suffer more from hunger and malnourishment; they are exposed to more violence, and have more delayed development than children born to older mothers.” Indeed, daughters of teen mothers are more likely to become teen moms themselves than are children born to older mothers.


The Best woman in the world and in my world Evelyn Shulda

The most beautiful woman in the world,who was annouced missing in heavean as an Angel is EVELYN SHULDA, she is so sweet, a lovely wife, mother and friend. Imagine what the world would be like if we have a beautiful woman like her all over the earth, the earth would have been a perfect planet for all man to live.

The best woman in the world is Evelyn Shulda, she is so beautiful, loving and sweet, she is everything in a woman, if you have to think of it yourself, the way she smiles alone can make the countries that are fighting against each other, be in peace and harmony.

I want you every one in the world to know that if she was to be the first woman on earth the first woman on earth, the whole mankind of earth would have been filled with perfect humans who worshiped God in spirit and truth, she is so loving, to the extend that every one in the world would love to get to know her. She is an Angel in form of a human.

If you want to talk about her qualities, she is loving, forgiving, joyful, wisdom is what is found in her, she is caring, kindness is what God has blessed her with, she is tender, mighty in wisdom and power, she is an Angel from the heavens, I really can't say why she was created among we imperfect humans, but I think it was because God wanted me to meet her and have her as the love of my life, she is so beautiful. It is in the garden of love, home of romance, where nothing grows bu flower of love that I am say I love her so much.

Which you all the best of luck in finding a woman like her, but if you can't just keep on searching, I love her so much and wouldn't want to share her with any body, I have a poem for her.

Im lonely
But at the same time not lonely
The text messages are hard and cold
But that’s all I have
That and the music
You’re so far away
My heart hurts wanting to be with you
I love you
I want you
I need to be with you
I cant said to be away from you
But all I can do is keep loving and hearing your voice, until I meet you soon
I wish I could give you a kiss, I love you, and miss you baby
Is what you send me
I need your kisses
I love you more than anyone on earth
I never missed any one as much as I love and miss you
It hurts not being with you and I can’t take it
In a way im glad you can’t see me like this
But I wouldn’t be like this if you were here
Tears run down my face as I realize how much I love you
I have never loved any as much as I love you
I know you love me to
I can never explain how much I love you
Or how much I need you,
Each time I hear your voice..
I cant help but to swing my body
To the tune of your voice..
‘Coz you are my song…

You are my song
The music playing into my ears
Where the lyrics
Makes a way into my heart
Even approaching my soul

You are my song
Playing softly in my heart
I can feel the nearness of you
Though we are miles apart

You are so near
Through the song in my heart
Binding us together
Sharing today tomorrow and forevermore

Because I know this love is real and I will meet you soon
And I know you and me have a true relationship that will last till the end of time.
I love you baby and need you
For this I just wrote is true and I love you more than words can tell and express. Honey that is why I leave by faith and not by sight.So, either with your presence or absence by my side, no matter for how long; I know you are still the same...one I love and will be loving for the rest of my life. Please my readers forgive me that i sound too self centred about my the love of my heart, i love her so much and will always love her till death do us apart. Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time and effort in reading this Hub.

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