What To Do When You Are Angry

Friday, August 28, 2015

I  woke up this morning with a slap on my face  like 3 times, my girl friend woke me up saying who was the girl named push it on my phone, i told her it was a female name, she said you have been seeing that girl again with another slap on my face and was hurting me with her fingers as i had blooding running off my body and face from the flesh peeling. She was crying profusely with tears all over her eyes. She wanted me to beat her so people can see how much have hurt her physically. You know what i did to control my anger? Though i was so angry and threatened to beat her, i mistakenly gave her one slap back . Immediately i knew i was wrong cos it was the first time have ever slapped her. The following were what i did to control my anger.

1. I took a deep breath for about five times:  taking a deep breath help you control your level of consciousnesses.
2. Thought About The Aftereffect: I thought about the after effect of everything, i asked myself questions like what if i hit her and she fall real sick, or we fought and she stabbed me or broke my head as well. 
3. God's view About Fight: I know God will never be happy with me if i had a fight with her, so that helped me control my anger.
4, Emotional Breakdown: She will feel traumatized after the incident  and will be emotionally unstable.
5. Love : I thought about how much  love her and how much she meant to me, I just had to reduce my anger.

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