Sexual Relationship That Was Detrimental

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Terry was a young man who fell in love with a lady named Ann , they were so much in love that they decided to get married to each other , the relationship grew further and Ann became pregnant, it was a joyous moment for the family after 10 years of marriage with no pregnancy.

During Ann pregnancy periods Terry was always eating out cause he didn't know how to cook, his mother in law  said she would be willing to always go and prepare food for  her son in law in their home during Ann's stay in the hospital , prior to this period she was doing everything to seduce Terry( her son in law) . Looking at Terry seductively , watching him naked as he was bathing , and even demanding for a peck that turns into kiss, all this was unknown to Ann. When she does observe she takes it that her mom will never hurt her not even in her marriage.

Terry couldn't tell his wife that was in the hospital because she was soon to give birth to a bouncing baby, so he kept the secret of his seductive mother in law to himself not knowing the situation will get worst, hence he was finally lured into sex by his mother in law and became a regular sex partner of his mother in law. 

During this period the mother in law attitude change towards her husband ( Ann's father ) she became disrespectful and rude , though Ann's father was in a financial plight and couldn't support the family . It got to the stage where the two sex partners became too regular with their sexual activities , eventually Ann's mom became pregnant as confirmed by their family doctor . Ann's father had an heart attack when he got the news and was admitted in a nearby hospital. Terry was brutally beaten by Ann's elder brother, for impregnating his sister and mother between the space of 8 months. Now Ann's mom is rejected by her immediate family even Ann's grandmother and grandfather have rejected her mother ( Terry fuck mate ) because her act of infidelity is a taboo against their tradition .

Few months later Ann's mom was in labor and her condition became critical, the doctor demanded that a family member sign some documents for a surgery to be done so as to save her life and that of the unborn child .

Now Ann's mom life is in peril and the life of the unborn baby, remember the baby is innocent to the adulterous attitude of  the adults , So please what will you suggest the family to do if you were related to them ? Please leave a  comment as it could go along way to save someone's life and help someone make the right decision.

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