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For young ones at school you feel like you re only half a person if you’re not dating somebody there are a tons of pressure all around you to date some one, and females they seems to be a ton of cute guys and for males they seems to be tons of cute girls. Some times you feel left out because all your peers have boyfriends and you don’t have. It becomes more of temptation when you see a boy and girl holding hands as stroll down the school corridor between classes, and these make you feel left out of the contemporaries, how do you feel when you’re at the movies with friends when you realize that everyone is paired off except you? Or your best friend has recently begun showing interest in a member of the opposite sex and now have began dating, how do you feel?
.The urge to be with some one special and to be some one who think you are special can be incredibly strong, the desire to get a boyfriend become stronger every day, and it is so hard to deal with. Some actually began dating at a early age, a Time magazine survey revealed that 25 percent of 13-year-olds were already “going into dating” It is fundamental to know the meaning of dating so: Do you think they were ready for it? Are you ready to date? To answer that, we first need to address a more basic question. Do you think you are actually dating by going out certain member of the opposite sex? Are you actually dating by text-messaging or talking on phone with one particular friend of the opposite sex? Are you actually dating to have a secret friendship with a particular member of the opposite sex, in which your parent doesn’t know about it because you know they will disapprove of it? Do you think you are actually dating every time you get together with friend, you pair off with the same person of the opposite sex?
Likely, you had problem answering the first question, but you may have paused before responding to the other two questions, what exactly is dating? Dating is any social activity in which your romantic interest is focused on one particular person’s and that person romantic interest is focused on you. Whether in a group or private, whether on the phone or in person, whether in the open or in secret, if you and a friend of the opposite sex have a special romantic understanding, it dating, but are you ready to go down the road? A consideration of these three question will help you to find out.
In many culture dating is regarded as a legitimate way for two people to become better acquitted. But dating should have a noble purpose to help a young man and woman determine if they would be suitable marriage partners for each other. Why? The bible uses the phrase “bloom of youth” to maintain close association with one particular member of the opposite sex while you are still in the bloom of youth can fan the flames of desire and cause you to learn the hard way the wisdom of Galatians 6:7 “whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.” Granted, some of your peers might date without any intention of marriage, they may view their opposite-sex friend as nothing more than a trophy or an accessory to be seen with in public to boost their own self-esteem. Playing with someone’s affections in that way is cruel, and it comes as no surprise that such relationships are often short –lived. Many young ones who date break up or two weeks later, they come to view relationship as transitory –which in a sense prepares them for divorce rather than marriage.
Recreational or casual dating –pairing off merely for funs or for the sake of having a boyfriend or girlfriend-can easily lead to hurt feelings. Consider Eric, who at the age of 18 was innocently enjoying what he thought was just close friendship with a girl. Then he became aware that for her the friendship met something more. Wow! was I surprised at how fast she got serious, “Eric says, “ “ I really thought we were just friends! Of course it not wrong to mix with members of the opposite sex in properly supervised group settings. When it comes to dating though, it is best to wait until you are past the bloom of youth and in a position to contemplate marriage seriously. That is what a youth named Chelsea came to appreciate. “Part of me wants to say that dating should be just for fun. She admitted. “but it’s no fun when one person is taking it seriously and the other isn’t”
At what age do you think it is appropriate for a youth to start dating? Now ask one or both of your parent same question. Chances are, the first answer you gave is lower than he second or may not, you might be among the many youths who are wisely putting off dating until they are old enough to know themselves better. That is what a young Christian named Sondra has decided to do, even though she is already of legal age to marry, Sondra reasons: “In the dating process you want someone else to get to know you. But if you don’t know yourself, how can you expect someone else to figure you out?
Since dating is a stepping stone to marriage, you would do well to ask yourself if you can tackle the responsibility that comes with being husband or a wife- or even a father or mother. How do you know if you are ready for that? Consider the following.
Relationships: How do you treat your parents and siblings? Do you often lose your self-control with them, perhaps using harsh or sarcastic language to make a point? What would they say about you in this regard? How you deal with family members indicates how you will treat your mate.
Finance: how well do you handle money? Are you always in debt? Can you hold down job? If not, why not? Is it because of the job? The employer? Or is it because of some undesirable trait on your part? If you cannot responsibly handle your own finance, how well you do so for a family- 1 Timothy 5:8 These are just a few things you need to consider if you are thinking about dating and marriage. In the main while, you may interact with members of the opposite sex in appropriate group settings. Later if you chose to date, you will have a better idea of who you are and of what you need in a lifelong partner.

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