Saturday, January 31, 2009

1. The Eyes
Often cited as the windows to the soul, the eyes were given as the number one feature you notice first! How do you improve it? If you're a woman, get out the books and fashion magazines and research some tips on making your eyes sparkle. If you're a guy, or if you are not big on make up, try these tips that always makes the eyes look great:

  • Get enough sleep. Red around the eyes is not very attractive.

  • Get your eyebrows shaped. The eyebrows are often over-looked, but if shaped properly can add a whole new dimension to your eyes.

  • Look directly at the person you are talking with. It shows your confident, and that you interested in them as person.

2. Your Smile
You can tell how open and loving a person is by their smile. And, if that special someone's curved, gorgeous lips are directed towards you... watch out! Improving this is as easy as taking care of your lips. Keep them out of the sun, or protected, and be real when you smile. Remember the instant turn off, a fake smile.

3. The Face
The attraction to the face is fairly self-explanatory. If that special someone doesn't like looking at it, then you're going to have problems! To keep your face looking great, keep it clean and protected from the sun. Find some products that work best for you and USE them!

4. Your Personality
Your personality is something that can't quite be changed unless you want it to be. So be comfortable with who you are, and the people who are around will be comfortable with you to!

5. Your Hair
There is something about running your fingers through silken locks of hair than can drive both men and woman alike crazy. If you don't feel confident about your hair, take a trip to the salon and find a style you really like. This is one area where it may be worth the extra money to get something really great!

6. Your Figure
The only thing that can help you here is good old fashion exercise and healthy eating. Or, a great self-image! :) Don't be fooled into thinking you have to have "the perfect body" either! Being confident about who you are is more than enough for someone who's worth having!

7. Your Posture
Someone who slouches, or walks with their head down is easy to associate with laziness or lack of ambition. Therefore, your posture is incredibly important when it comes to first impressions. To improve your posture, try stretching daily and/or a visit to your chiropractor.

8. Your Mouth
Your mouth is an easy target for desirability. Soft, full lips just beg to be kissed. Keep your lips in top shape by following the advice for your smile!

9. Your Clothes
Your clothes, are like a window to your personality. The care and the time you take (or lack of) on selecting your clothes lets other people know what you are like. Depending on what you wear, they also help you attract certain types of people.

10. Your Hands
There is something about hands that seem to attract many people. Maybe it's the thought of being protected, or sharing an intimate moment with another person. Whatever the passion, you can keep your hands looking great by keeping your nails well groomed and clean, and protecting your skin with lotion and/or sun screen.

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