How you can help the Elderly

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are living in the last days, and now things are just going all in opposite ways human were created from the beginning of creation on ward, the more humans live into the state of imperfection the more respect for the elderly deteriorate, and these has made many older ones often feel they are been left behind in our modern fast-paced world, and this has lead to a lot of depression among the elderly, and this is not a part of normal aging process.
The following are ways you can help the elderly :-
(1) Preserve Their Dignity: Do not sharply rebuke an older man, but be appealing to him as a father, to older woman as a mother.
(2) Listen Carefully. Be swift about hearing, slow about speaking, slow about speaking, slow about wrath. Put your legs in the shoes, that is assume you were the older person, how will you feel if your grand child should talk to you harshly and make you feel unwanted, definitely you feel bad and unhappy, so think and improve in your manner of talking to the elderly ways one that is if you have a conscience, and what to rip a good reward.
(3) Show Empathy: God’s word urge us to like-minded, showing fellow feelings, having brotherly affection, tenderly compassionate, humble in mind, not paying back injury for injury or reviling for reviling, applying this will help us a lot in our way of treating the elderly ones.
(4) Discern when encouragement is Needed: As apples of gold in silver carvings is a word spoken at the right time for it, so try to encourage any older person that they is still hope of been young again under God’s messianic kingdom, tell them never to see their old age as the end to their life, because humans were not created by God to live for a short while and die, so they is hope for them to be young again in the future. (Job 33:25).
(5) Include them in your activities: If you are doing any thing that is wholesome try to include them in your activity, by doing so you will be encouraging them and making them feel accepted and needed, that along will help prolong their life span and you will always learn from them, ways you can include them in your activities may include sport or going out for tourism and other wholesome activities. “Fellow the course of hospitality.”-Romans 12:13
(6) Offer Practical Assistance. Whoever has this world’s means for supporting life and behold his brother having need and yet shuts the door of his tender compassions upon him, in what way does the love of God remain in him? Little children, lets us love, neither in word nor tongue, but in deed and truth. So offer practical help to the elderly ones, like helping them wash their cloths, cleaning their apartments and other ways you think they need your assistance.
(7) Be long-suffering. “clothes yourselves with the tender affection of compassion, kindness, lowliness of mind, mildness and long-suffering.”
By caring for the elderly, we show respect for God’s own standards because his word states: “You must show consideration for an old man or woman. Leviticus 19: 32, by so doing you will be blessed by God and will live plenty days on earth, and when you grow older no one is going to treat you in a bad way, because you will be ripping the reward of what you sow when you were young.

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