Does romantic love justify premarital sex?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In one survey almost 90 percent of teenagers polled felt that premarital sex is not wrong when the two parties love each other. This thinking is reflected and often condoned by the media. Television and films routinely portray sexual activity as a normal result of a romantic relationship.
Those who are willing to please God do not look to the world for guidance, recognizing that it reflect he thinking of it ruler the devil, they also take care not to be governed purely by their feelings, knowing that " the heart is more treacherous than any thing else and is desperate"(Jeremiah 17:9) rather,those who are truly wise look to the creator of mankind and his inspire word the bible for direction in their way of life.
Is Sex a Divine Gift?
"Every good gift and perfect present is from above, for it comes down the father of celestial lights," says James 1:17. Sexual intimacy within the marriage arrangement is one of those precious gifts. It enables human to procreate, and it also helps a husband and wife to bond physically and emotionally in with tender and pleasurable way. The bible says enjoy with the wife of your youth says the inspired book of the universe, and let her own breast intoxicate you at all time.
Naturally the creator of mankind wants us to benefit from and rejoice in his gifts. To that end, he has also given us the very best laws, and principles to live by, since God is the one teaching us to benefit ourselves and causing us to tread in the way in which we should work, so having this in ind do you thin your heavenly father the very personification of love deprive us of something that is truly good?
Sex before marriage is Unloving.
When a man and a woman unite in wedlock, they become one flesh as it were when two unmarried people have sexual relations, also called fornication, they too form one body but one that is unclean in the God's eye. The Greek word translate "fornication" applies to all sexual activities with another person outside marriage that involves the use of the sex organs, including oral sex. What is more, such unions are unloving. How so? For one thing, fornication is sex without genuine commitment. And besides under self-respect, it can result in disease, unwanted pregnancy in which any youths are victims, and emotional pain which has lead many people to suicide, Above all, it involve violation of God's righteous standards, hence, fornication reflects little or no regards for the present and the future welfare and happiness of the other person.
For people of Godly devotion, Fornication is also an encroachment upon the right of his her spiritual brother or sister, for example a professed servant who was indulge in sex outside marriage bring uncleanness into the christian congregation. Also they deprive the one with whom they commit fornication of a clean moral standing and if the other person is single, of entering into the possible future marriage morally chaste. They also stain the good record of their own family, as well as wrong the family of their sexual partner. Finally, they show a disregard for God, whom they hurt by violating his righteous laws and principles. God himself will exact punishment for all such bad turn, will exact punishment for all such bad deeds committed by unrepentant individuals. Is it any wonder then that the inspired word of God tells us to flee from fornication? Are you in love and planning to marry? then why not use your courtship to build a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect? Think: how can a woman fully trust who has shown himself lacking in self control? And how easy is it for a man to cherish and honor a woman who disregard God's law in order to satisfy her romantic feelings or please the man?
I want you to have at the back of your mind that those who reject God's word will always reap the reward of they sow. The bible also say: "He that practices fornication is sinning against his own body." True, if a couple who engaged in premarital sex truly repent, work hard to restore their relationship with God, and strengthen their trust in each another, negative feelings may eventually abate. Still, their past conduct usually leaves a scar. One young couple, who are now married, bitterly regret having committed fornication. "Are our marital disagreement some how a result of this unclean foundation? the husband asks himself.
True Love is Unselfish
While it may be accompanied by romantic feelings, true love "does not behave indecently" or look for its own interests, instead it work towards the welfare and everlasting happiness. Such love impels a man and a woman to honor each other and to accord sexual intimacies their proper, God-given place-the marital bad.
The feelings of trust and security that a make for a truly happy marriage are especially important when babies arrive, for God purposed that children grow up in a loving, stable, and secured environment. Only marriage do two people truly commit to each other. In their heart, and often orally as well, they vow to care for and support each other through good times and bad for the rest of their lives. Sexual intimacies between a husband and wife can strengthen their bond. In a happy marriage, partners also find sexual intimacy more pleasurable and meaningful - and with out cheapening the union, troubling the conscience, or disobeying the creator.

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