Am Married But Falling In Love With Another Man

Saturday, November 2, 2013

 This is the true life story of a woman called Rebecca, she  came out of an abusive marriage, as she gave birth to 2 kids for the husband, at a point she decided to get a divorce, so she left the Husband.

After been through many ordeals the kids were staying with their father, so she relocated  from  Jefferson Ohio  to another city in Ohio named Cleveland ,
Wife cheating on Husband
Wife cheating on Husband
she  got lucky and got a job,so she was staying with a girl friend, as time went on she had a misunderstanding with her girlfriend, so she had to leave the House. Got another apartment she was sharing with a room mate named Daniel, they lived together sharing apartment and at a point they became intimate and started having sex.

Prior to this period she tried the internet online dating sites, and was talking to a man ( Larry) she met online and was so in love with this man, the man made a lot of promises to her and told her she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She loved this man so much and knew she would marry him immediately if they were in the altar.  Larry sent her an engagement ring, she lost contact with this Larry, even though she lived with the thoughts of  him with each passing day and missed him more than oxygen but had to live on waiting for him to come.

After involvement in many sexual activities with Daniel her room mate,

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Daniel was taking good care of Rebecca and taking care of all the bills, so they decided to marry each other, and was living a happy family life there after. Three years after marriage Larry (Rebecca online partner) got in touch with Rebecca, it was one of the happiest day for Rebecca as she missed  Larry so much and their love became rekindled. She had to continue having an extra marital affairs and was so much in love  with Larry, she told Larry about her marriage with Daniel cos she had no choice then, but  he still wants her even though she is married, after all he met her before Daniel.
Now Rebecca does not want to hurt Daniel as she realize he love her so much and care about her,

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and he was the man that gave her shelter when they was no one, but still she love Larry so much and wouldn't want Larry to go, according to her Larry is her life . So she is  considering running away with Larry. She is so confused  she cannot LIVE WITHOUT HIM.

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  1. I will leave Rebecca if i was Larry, cos she is married.


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