She Was A Virgin

Friday, November 8, 2013

A guy (Names withheld) dated a girl for 2 years without sexual intercourse. Even after the Introduction, the girl did not allow him to touch her so a wedding date was fixed. The day before the wedding  was the bachelors eve so all his friends were in attendance with their girlfriends and fun rented the air. It was wild and captivating, in time he became horny from watching his friends and their partners and again his Fiancee turned him down begging him to wait a little longer. At last the D-Day came and the groom was patiently waiting for the wedding to come to an end. Finally they became Man and Wife!
wife got ripped

Back in their matrimonial home, the man invited his woman to the bathroom but she refused that she is too shy to take a bath with him.  After that he made passes but she complained of tiredness and needed some rest. He got mad and left her alone. At 10pm, a 5 man armed robbers attacked the neighborhood and their apartment was not spared. They robbed them and decided to rape the wife. The first disvirgined her and others took turns in ravaging her. She lost  her consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. After she regained her consciousness, her dear husband sent her packing.

Did he do the right thing by sending her away? What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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