Can A Man Love Two Women At The Same Degree?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Have you ever been so much in love with someone who wasn't your first girlfriend or boy friend? It all was a story of my life. I fall in love with a woman who never had my interest at heart, i was still loving and having sex with her while she was following as many men as she could, although then i never loved her, it was all about a sex relationship.  As time went on i was taking care of her and falling head over heel for her. It affected my relationship with my girlfriend cause i was no longer chanced to talk to my girl friend like i use to, however my girlfriend become very busy as she was always working never had much time herself.

The lady am falling for left her boyfriend due to the fact that he was lying to her, at this point in time i was the only guy left in her life. She managed to love me but this time with a lot of condition, she told me i had to leave my girl friend for her. ( I have been dating my girl friend for more than 5 years).  She promised never to have anything to do with me again, or she will get another boy friend as well. I just can't stand her having another boyfriend, because i get really jealous whenever she talks to anyone.  This is a girl i have done so much for financially because i was loving her because she was a girl with a big ass exactly my type of woman. Now i have love her beyond her ass, she got upset and now we haven't talked for days not even on the phone. Most people cant even imagine it possible to be torn between two people you really love or are in love with. Individuals who have never been in this plight will say you are been selfish, or the feeling you have is infatuation. But you cant really understand until you there.


 Please can someone help me or tell me if am under a spell? She is always on my  mind every seconds then and i just can't seems to imagine life without her.  What would you do if you were in my shoes? How do i take my heart off this girl have been falling for? She seems to occupy my mind this period than my girlfriend, each time she talks to another man i get really jealous. This is affecting me tremendously, giving me enormous stress. There are a few things to bear in mind which could help in this situation.

What is Important: Ask yourself questions like what are those sacrifices my first girl friend have made for me? Do you love her more than the second lady? If you do then make a choice that will not make you regret in the future. Let your love grow deeper for your girl friend or wife to be than for your sexual partner. Discuss how much you value the time you spend with your girlfriend more . Tell her you need more of her time and Attention.

Draw the line: In this era we live in most people are looking for husband or wife, let every woman or man you meet know you are not looking for a serious relationship (If truly you are not) , just a friend with benefit because a time will come when he or she will tell you i want you to have a baby with me. Always draw the line especially if you live your wife or husband.

Seek Advice from God: Always listen to God instruction to follow only one woman and never mislead another woman, put the woman in your shoes maybe she is getting old and need to settle down, or she needs a baby and want to be married. Let her know from the beginning though some women will never agree to that. Just be wise, think before you talk.

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