You are a fool "Said my girl friend"

Saturday, May 2, 2015

It was in the late hours of the night after an hectic day at work, i dropped by at my girl friend's place just to get a few kiss and hugs. Astonished by the way she talked to her little house help. I couldn't control myself and told her it was wrong to do that. In anger i told her when we get married we are not going to be needing the help of any house maid. 

Few minutes after she got angry and told me why would i talk to her in that manner, she asked if i was trying to create enmity between her and the little girl?  and that i was a fool and she hate me for my attitude. Without much talk in anger i stood up and got into the car and drove off. She was so upset and told me it was wrong i went home without settling the quarrels we had. Please what would you have done differently?

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